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Sex machine: prolific Galápagos tortoise saves his species

The Guardian

Funny Tortoise 🐢 Funny and Cute Tortoise (Part 1) [Funny Pets]

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Chimp shares apple with tortoise and netizens are here for it. Watch

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Longleat attracts wildlife tourists with an endangered pancake tortoise at Wiltshire safari park

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Cute Babies and Tortoise become friends - Funny Babies and Pets Compilation


Funny Tortoise 😂🐢 Funny Tortoise Doing Things Funny (Part 2) [Funny Pets]

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A 100-Year-Old Giant Tortoise Fathers 800 Babies and Saves His Species From Going Extinct

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Hello VMate friends hope you will be happy everyday.. Find Tortoise in Rice Fields #tortoise

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Giant tortoise believed extinct for 100 years found in Galápagos | UK news today

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Primitive Technology- Man Find Food In Wild And Meet A Lot Of Tortoise Eggs

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‘Womanizing’ Tortoise Set Free Into The Wild After His Libido Single-Handedly Saved Species From Extinction


10,000 endangered tortoises found in a house; Tortoise found covered in red paint - Compilation

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#indianturtle #tortoise #tortoiseactivity kb

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Creature Feature: Meet Beanbag the tortoise


this is a tortoise

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Trolling tortoise with food

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Morris the tiny tortoise!

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My Pet Tortoise - Diet

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goat rides a tortoise