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Omg watch elephant vs crocodile fight

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Amazing Crocodile Hunts Bird In Tree

Viral Khabari

Crocodile Lurks Underwater - World of Animals

World Of Animals

crocodile attacks Kangaroo and demolish body


Struggle for survival !! (Crocodile Vs Buffalo)

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मगरमच्छ के अण्डों को बचाने में नन्ही चिड़िया ने दिखाया अपना दम


Enormous Python Eats Entire Crocodile in Terrifying Swamp Photos


Crocodile attacks man, kin perform last rites with clothes

New Indian Express

From Crocodile Arena Stadium to Elephant Tower: Bizarre animal-shaped buildings around the world

Indian Express

हिप्पोपोटामस के झुण्ड ने किया मगरमच्छ पर हमला

Creature never seen

Nita Ambani's crocodile bag, studded with 240 diamonds, goes viral

The Tribune

Crocodile at Pipli zoo gives birth to 14 hatchlings

The Times of India

Crocodile enters Gujarat temple, villagers delay Forest Deptartment's rescue bid

New Indian Express

Crocodile Enters A Temple In Gujarat & People Start Worshiping It!

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Python Vs Crocodile Python Eat Crocodile Eggs Survival Life

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Brave! Boy Catches Crocodile - Traditional Crocodile Trapping in Cambodia

SN Daily

Crocodile enters Gujarat temple, villagers offer prayers, delay rescue operations


4.5 feet-long crocodile rescued from a field in Itola

The Times of India

Huge Crocodile Dragging Kill Over the Road

Vinay Bhai

A Largest Crocodile Attack On Wild Beest

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