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Israelis vote in repeat election centered on PM Benjamin Netanyahu

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Benjamin Netanyahu urges rival Benny Gantz to form a unity government with him


Israel: Benjamin Netanyahu unable to form government, rival Benny Gantz to get a chance now


Benjamin Netanyahu tells Israeli president he cannot form government

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Donald Trump Tosses Benjamin Netanyahu Under The Bus After Seeming Election Defeat, ‘Bromance’ Appears Over


Full Text Of PM Narendra Modi's Statement In Press Conference With Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu


The Observer view on the threat posed to Israel by another Benjamin Netanyahu victory | Observer editorial

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Continuing to worship Benjamin Netanyahu will not bring us closer to peace

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Hammer blow for Benjamin Netanyahu as rally against him being charged with corruption draws only a small crowd and most of his cabinet ministers and MPs stay away

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Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is credited with saving James Packer's life after the businessman's messy split with Mariah Carey

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Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu begins final attempt to fend off a corruption indictment that has threatened his hold on power

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Israel Elections 2019: Benjamin Netanyahu fails to replicate Modi magic, falls short of decisive victory; Avigdor Lieberman emrges as possible king-maker


Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu fails to form government weeks after latest election as his rival Benny Gantz is given chance to try himself

Daily Mail

Donald Trump lends support to embattled Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ahead of critical election by touting plans for mutual defense treaty between the countries

Daily Mail

Trump sends Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu a letter for his 70th birthday thanking him for his 'loyal friendship' and writing 'you are great!' by his signature

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Israel after Netanyahu?

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Explainer: The indictment against Netanyahu


Netanyahu indicted on corruption charges


Israel''s Netanyahu indicted over corruption

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Explainer: Israel's election - will Netanyahu survive?