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You're Better off Being Yourself

Emotional trauma is a painful part of life, it is invisible, left unspoken and fester for years. The pain that lives in the heart is untreated. The emotional wounds bleed and create a depth of sadness that seep into the very soul of the being. When the body hurts, it is treated, there are well-wishers, there's medication, and the body heals, but when the heart ails often there's nothing and no one to help or understand its pain.

I was struck by an article I read about the top 10 regrets of the dying. The two regrets stood out for me in particular:

I should have spoken my mind.

I should have had the courage to live truthfully.

We live in a world that flaunts the sham, where people show how they are so successful, happy, social, empowered and live in a dream home.

Warning: Most of it is fake news.

Most success stories are founded on the stepping stones of mistakes, failures and hurdles. Sadly, no one talks about the pain and suffering involved, the resilience and persistence and sacrifice. There are many failed attempts before any success. That’s the scary part. Why doesn’t anyone want to admit failure? Why is failure considered a bad word?

We adjust to the world around us, we listen to these stories, the expectations of others become priority, we accommodate and compromise until we are crushed by the pressure. We hit a crisis point. The compromises that were made between the outer life and the inner life start to feel like a deal with the devil.

And we end up in an emotional crisis. It feels like hell. There’s sacrifice, or a long held belief in a delusion. So many conditioned responses appear as wasted. The emotions spiral, nothing is as it seems, or should be, life is such a waste. It happens, we've seen those days.

That’s where courage is so important. The mental battlefield we face every day requires us to take some precautions. We need some protective tools of toughness. These tools are grounded in a sturdy pillar of reality, combined with courage to admit the truth.

With every lie, the standards are set higher and higher. When we feel shame about our own imperfections, we strive towards the illusory goal of what is being flaunted as truth. The more we hanker after that which is not real, the more our minds rebel, fight, and we lose control of our own emotions.

Don't let that happen. Protect your heart and soul. Because no one else will.

You're Better off Being Yourself
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