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You'll be surprised to know about MDH Spices' Babaji

If you are fond of eating or cooking, it would hardly be that you would not have heard the name of the MDH spice. You might have seen MDH's ads on television. But do you know about Baba Ji who appeared in that ad?

You'll be surprised to know about MDH Spices' Babaji
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His name is Dharampal Gulati and he is an Indian businessman who lived 25 years of his life in Pakistan. He had no interest in studies so he left school after 5th.

Actually, Dharampal was born on 27 March 1923 at Sialkot in Pakistan. After the partition of India and Pakistan, he came to India and settled in Delhi. Dharampal's father had a small spice's shop in Pakistan and he used to help his father.

In Delhi, Dharampal bought a horse-drawn carriage and took passengers from Connaught Place to Karol Bagh. After some time Dharampal bought a small shop in Delhi and decided to pursue his family business.

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Soon he became famous because of the excellent quality of the spices and later in 1959 he established his own spice factory and named in Mahashian Di Hatti (MDH). His father's shop in Pakistan also had the same name.

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MHD spices are famous not just in India but all over the world. Now MDH makes more than 50 varieties of spices. MDH is not just a name or a company but it is people's trust that provides high-quality spices in affordable rates.

The story of Mahashay Dharampal is really inspiring. He started from a small shop and became famous worldwide.

We hope you would like to know about MDH's Baba Ji and we also hope that you'll like and share this article with more people. Thanks for reading.

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🤔will he be declared anti national by Bhakts for living his 15 years in Pakistan?

6 Months ago


I just came here to see whether this is the news about his death...

6 Months ago


M-mirch,D-Dhaniya,H-Haldi ab ye log kuchh bhi bole pr MDH ke name ka concept ye he tha

6 Months ago

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