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Xiaomi is testing an advanced display calibration feature for MIUI 11

Xiaomi‘s latest MIUI 11 has started hitting models ranging from flagship to mid-range and budget models. The new update brings onboard several new features including a completely redesigned interface, a new font, Always-On Display, and much more. Seems there are new features in the works for MIUI 11. A recent discovery by XDA Developers shows the Chinese tech giant is testing a new advanced display calibration feature on the custom ROM which will give users more control over how their device’s screen looks.

Xiaomi is testing an advanced display calibration feature for MIUI 11

The new advanced display calibration controls were discovered in the latest MIUI 11 nightly build, within a hidden settings page. With the new controls, you get the option to choose the color gamut from four available options including Enhanced, Original, P3, and sRGB. There are also sliders which can be used to individually control the Red, Green, and Blue color levels in the RGB color space. The hue, saturation, and value in the HSV color space also get control sliders as well as the contrast and gamma controls.

If you make any adjustment to the settings, a live preview window will appear at the top and all the changes are automatically saved unless you click on the Discard changes or Restore defaults buttons at the bottom.

There is no word yet as to when Xiaomi plans to roll out the new display controls to a stable build of MIUI 11 or which devices will get this new feature.

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