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Xiaomi begins rolling out new MIUI 11 feature, Xiao AI curriculum calendar

Xiaomi has begun rolling out the latest MIUI feature, that being their new Xiao AI curriculum calendar. It’s designed for teachers, students and educators and essentially functions as a timetable and planner. You can list down your courses, classes and even your teacher’s information for any given day. It’s a surprisingly well designed implementation.

On top of these, the Xiao AI curriculum calendar will soon support the sharing function. With a simple press of a button, you can share a pre-planned timetable with entire groups, making things much simpler to plan. On top of that, everyone can import your shared timetable, and the information changes on it will automatically import with the original.

Xiaomi begins rolling out new MIUI 11 feature, Xiao AI curriculum calendar

It will also sync with Xiaomi‘s standard MIUI calendar and Negative Screen. Further support and integration with other MIUI apps are coming in the future. In addition to Xiaomi phones, any Xiao Ai students, Xiao Ai teachers, Xiao Ai speakers and even non-Xiaomi phones will eventually get support for the app once it’s released publicly.

It’s essentially a student oriented calendar, where you can jot down notes for any given day. It’s a lot more robust and impressive than your standard calendar app. It has a solid lineup of features, and we’re excited to see how they turn out in day-to-day use. For now, it’s only rolling out in China, we can’t wait to see this feature come to the global devices.

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