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Woman’s New York Airbnb rental is a mattress in a cupboard

A young traveller admitted she booked her New York trip at the last minute but still expected more than what she found in this Airbnb “room”.

A young British tourist was stunned to find her room in an Airbnb she had booked was just a tiny mattress in a cupboard underneath the stairs.

Social media users called it the “Harry Potter room” due its tiny size.

Zoe, from the UK, was visiting New York and paid $54 a night to stay there while on holiday, The Sun reported.

However, when she got there, she found a tiny corner of the room with a roll mat and a duvet.

Woman’s New York Airbnb rental is a mattress in a cupboard

Zoe booked her New York trip at the last minute but still wasn’t expecting what she found in her $54-a-night Airbnb.Source:Instagram

Zoe was stunned to find her bed was in a cupboard under the stairs.Source:Instagram

“The hilarious part is my bedroom,” Zoe said on Instagram.

“Can you please bear in mind I’m paying £30 ($54) a night for this and it was the cheapest Airbnb I could find in the whole area.”

She then burst out laughing at the sight of just bedding underneath.

“As you can see, it is literally a cupboard with a little mattress on the floor,” she continued.

“Hopefully, I won’t hit my head on the slanting roof when I sit up in the morning, although I guess I just can’t sit up.”

The listing did show the bed in the corner of the room.Source:Instagram

The room didn’t have much else inside it.Source:Instagram

She then decided to test the bed, saying there was at least an “inflatable mattress” that was a thin camping one.

However, there was no plug socket.

She was also “99 per cent sure” the sheets and pillows hadn’t been washed as there was a “little hair” on the pillow.

Thankfully, she had her sleeping bag liner, which she said she could use because she always ended up sleeping in “weird spaces”. She used a jumper to make a pillow.

It wasn't just a proper mattress — just an inflatable bed.Source:Instagram

After many asked people if she stayed in the room, Zoe confirmed she did and was able to sleep despite a lot of noise outside.

Later in her Instagram story, she said her host told her where she could find clean sheets and refunded her cleaning fee.

Pictures of the Airbnb advert do show the small room, although Zoe said she thought it would at least have a proper mattress, not a camping one.

She did manage to get a proper sleep in the tiny room.Source:Instagram

The room had positive reviews on the Airbnb website, with four-and-a-half stars from more than 100 reviews.

Zoe’s video has had more than 50,000 likes since it was posted on Twitter.

One man joked: “You have to rob them at this point this is your only option.”

Another person said: “The audacity of this listing and despite its tiny size they STILL didn’t clean it?!”

The bed hadn’t been cleaned, so she used a jumper and a sleeping bag liner.Source:Instagram

A common joke was that it was “Harry Potter’s room” due to being so small.

Not everyone was on Zoe’s side. One woman slammed her, saying: “Stop being so cheap. Who would ever book this ‘room’ based on those pictures?”

Sun Online Travel has contacted Airbnb for comment.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission

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