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'Will kill even PM if needed': threat to Manoj Tiwari

'Will kill even PM if needed': threat to Manoj Tiwari

Delhi BJP president Manoj Tiwari has received a threat message through SMS where the sender has claimed that he is under compulsion to murder him and he can even kill Prime Minister Narendra Modi if there is a need to do so.

Tiwari received the text message from an unknown person who claimed that he is under "extreme compulsion" to murder the Delhi BJP chief as also threatened to kill the Prime Minister "if need be".

He has informed the police about the message and police has started looking into the threat message. A senior police official said they are in the process of identifying the sender of the message.

Tiwari received the message on Friday 12.52 PM but he saw it on Saturday evening only, following which he immediately informed the police.

"I am sorry that I am the one who has been extremely compelled to kill you. I never imagined this but I am compelled to do so. If there is a need, I will not only kill not just Manoj Tiwari but Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other people also," the message in Hindi read. 

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fake fake to get people sympathy

4 Months ago

Amzad Hussain668

if the message is through SMS it is too easy to locate the address of the man,then why at all the stranger offer his death by giving easily traceable SMS.Critic.

4 Months ago


This is sheer conspiratory technique of RSS gameplan to implicate educated muslim youth through their lies to absolve Manoj Tiwaris uncalled for threats to Mosques built by muslims in Delhi on encroached lands.He does not know that building mosque on land whose ownership papers are notlegally their.p

4 Months ago

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