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Who suffers the most from a film flop? Actor, director or producer? Know here

Friends, films are a common occurrence in Bollywood. Movies are released in Bollywood quite often, some are hits and some are flops. But who suffer when the film flops? This question may have come in your mind, let's know about this:-

Who suffers the most from a film flop?  Actor, director or producer? Know here
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Friends, when talking about a film, three people have a lead role in it, the first producer who spends money to make the film, the second is the director who makes the film and the third is the actor who is the main character of that film. The interest and flop of the film depends on all three. But who gets the loss when it flops.

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If we talk about the director, then after a film flop, his credibility in the industry decreases and he has problems in getting the next film. But even after the flop they get full fees. Therefore, they do not suffer financial losses but it affect work.

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Now if we talk about the actor, then the film's flop has a direct impact on the actor's stardom and his image is tarnished. Except for a few Bollywood stars, almost all of them take their full fees even after the flop. So there is no economic impact on them, but stardom poses a big risk.

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Now let's talk about the producer, after a film flops, the producer of the film is the biggest loser. Because the producer bears the entire cost of the film and even after the flop, he has to pay the money to all.

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