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Who is this adorable baby who came to meet PM Narendra Modi? Find out

Who is this adorable baby who came to meet PM Narendra Modi? Find out

New Delhi, July 23: The Opposition may be shouting on top of its voice seeking PM Narendra Modi's explanation on US president Trump's statement, PM looks cool playing with a  child.

The opposition is crying hoarse on the issue and this also led to the Rajya Sabha being adjourned today over demands of a statement by PM Narendra Modi in Parliament on US President Donald Trump's mediation comment. The PM has responded in the coolest way possible and has posted two pictures on Instagram, an apparent indication of what he thought of the opposition's demand.

"A very special friend came to meet me in Parliament today," the PM wrote, and posted this and another picture, without disclosing the identity of the baby.

Opposition leaders today staged a walk out in the Lok Sabha after they failed to get the Prime Minister Narendra Modi respond to the statement of US President Trump that Modi had asked him to mediate in Kashmir issue".

Even Rahul Gandhi attacked PM Modi

Rahul Gandhi reacts to the ongoing debate on whether PM Modi did in fact ask US President Donald Trump to mediate between India and Pakistan over Kashmir.  

"President Trump says PM Modi asked him to mediate between India & Pakistan on Kashmir! If true, PM Modi has betrayed India's interests & 1972 Shimla Agreement.  

"A weak Foreign Ministry denial won't do. PM must tell the nation what transpired in the meeting between him & @POTUS."Rahul tweeted the statement since he was not present in Parliament today.

The Rajya Sabha was adjourned till 2 pm on Tuesday following uproar by Opposition MPs demanding Prime Minister Narendra Modi's response on US President Donald Trump's claim that India requested him to mediate in the Kashmir issue.Deputy Chairman Harivansh Narayan Singh adjourned the House after MPs raised slogans demanding a response from the Prime Minister.

Raking up the issue, Congress and other opposition leaders demanded that Modi must make a statement and they were not satisfied with the government's plan to field Externa;l Affairs Minister S Jaishankar to make a statement on the issue.

Omar Abdullah gets it right when he reacted to the Instagram post, tweeting, "Cute pictures. While the oppostion parties yell themselves hoarse demanding the PM explain last nights mediation brouhaha he lets them know what he thinks of their demand by putting pictures like these on his Instagram feed."

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