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Which is the poorest state of India?

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Which is the poorest state of India?
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Question: The retreating monsoon withdraws from which state?

Answer: It is withdraws from North-west India to Bengal.

Question: On the shore of which country cold currents have the cooling effect?

Answer: Peru has the cooling effect.

Question: Which region is the world’s best cod-fishing ground?

Answer: North-east Atlantic is the world’s best cod-fishing ground.

Question: What does increase in carbon dioxide in atmosphere cause?

Answer: Rise in earth temperature

Question: Which is the poorest state of India?

Answer: Chhattisgarh is the poorest state in India.

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go there and die there

3 Days ago


why u guys r telling dis, if its poor its poor wats da problem there...garib hona pap nahi hei.

4 Days ago


why don't post article on richest state in india?😉

8 Days ago

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