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When we cut an Apple after some time it appears brown , Why ?

When we cut an Apple after some time it appears brown , Why ?
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Lots of people love apples to eat but you have ever thought why does a cut apple turn brown in colour ? it is because the one Apple is brought to air , due to the oxidation process which goes on inside the Apple as it comes in contact with the air containing oxygen . this brown colour is actually the rest . apples are rich source of iron , which when exposed to air reacts with oxygen forming iron oxides . apples skin protects it from this process .

It is also rich source of several minerals . it provides supplement in our body. those people who are suffering from anaemia , they must eat apples as diet because anaemia gets lack of iron i.e lack of blood in our body because blood is made up of iron and protein when we eat apple regularly our brain cell increases . it means our brain becomes Sharpener and smarter due to which our body remains fit always and we never feel laziness .

That's why , doctor always recommends if we eat apple regularly we never fall ill .

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Aayush Ranjan

i too show that brown type

6 Months ago


this is true. just like that ,apple,banana,potato and more.

8 Months ago


yes .

8 Months ago

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