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What makes a love marriage the most beautiful relationship in world? read to know

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Hey friends we hope you all are doing fine and having fun with your life. When it comes to marriage we all are divided into two groups out of which one group advocates for love marriage while other advocates for arrange marriage. While many forget the main thing that how two persons meet is not as important as they continue to be in relationship. They may have been united by destiny or parents or relatives or friends or themselves but decision or acceptance to live along for the rest of life is always their own. Whether they own the decision or not, but it always by them.

So doesn't matter really how you met, if you both are compatible enough you are gonna witness every moment full of love and wilderness at its mayhem. But you both must understand each other, even if you are not compatible enough. Their are so many illustrations of perfect marriage you may find around you or on internet. Remember how they met is not important, if there is love between them every now & then, it is a love marriage.

Lets see few supercute illustrations of one of the most beautiful lovely married couple Yehuda and Maya devir. Yehuda is an artist and he tried to depict their's day to day life struggle and moments of cuteness to the world through his art. They both are now internet celebrities, you must have seen few of theirs illustrations already. So we are covering most of them in this series and here are the first collection:

They may not smell alike but they both are adorable together:

What makes a love marriage the most beautiful relationship in world? read to know
Third party image reference

Lady defender for her man, no matter who the enemies are:

Third party image reference

As always happens with the girls, they don't have anything to wear:

Third party image reference

Every married men's daily struggle, which of course the lady doesn't worry about:

Third party image reference

A tiring day after long household working together, still pretty:

Third party image reference

When you don't want to share the secret to remember her birthday every year:

Third party image reference

When she said only one sip and you now how it is going to end:

Third party image reference

The perfect cushion, bed, couch and everything for the girl:

Third party image reference

So friends did you like few glimpses of their life through the art of Yehuda Devir? If yes then do share with us your thoughts on LOVE MARRIAGE with us? Do you believe in it in the meaning we shared?

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temporary fragments of a wide reality

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Aranged marriage....change into love....same happening with me

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very lovely

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