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What is the truth behind the ghostly incidents of Conjuring and Exorcist

Some films have been made in past and they are notorious for killing its own actors. Are You Surprised? How can a movie kill a person? But its true. Watch this video below to know better. Real footage of paranormal activities and sound included in this video.

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Some newspapers and magazines had published these reports about the films. Well, there are many films on our list, but today we are going to tell you about the most popular and famous films in this article.

What is the truth behind the ghostly incidents of Conjuring and Exorcist
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In 1973, William Friedkin set out to bring William Blatty's novel, The Exorcist, to the big screen. ... But after many strange and catastrophic occurrences, many became convinced that the film set and the movie itself were cursed by a demon. The story of a young girl possessed by a demon, The Exorcist instilled terror in audiences. Taking on the subject of demonic possession and a very controversial Catholic ritual was sure to turn a few heads (no pun intended).

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During filming, actress Ellen Burstyn, who played Reagan’s mother, was actually injured when the possessed Reagan throws her to the ground. The take was actually used in the film, and the blood-curdling scream she lets out is completely genuine. The injury still bothers her to this day. While filming one of the possession scenes, Linda was thrown out of bed when a piece of rigging broke, causing her to injure her back. Additionally, after the film’s release, Linda received so many death threats that the studio had to hire bodyguards to escort her for the next six month. The rest of incidents was described in the video .

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Already famous for their paranormal investigation on the notorious Amityville case, Ed and Lorraine Warren were asked for their expertise once more. Two young women were being haunted by a demonic doll. Sound strange? Not for the Warren’s.

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The chilling tale of a ‘demonic’ doll who inspired The Conjuring spin off by terrorising flatmates and ‘causing the death of a man’. Ghost movie fans have been flocking to the cinema to watch Annabelle: Creation, the fourth instalment of The Conjuring which focuses on the possessed porcelain doll. But the true story behind the creepy flick is even stranger than the fiction. In the film, featuring one of the Warren’s most infamous cases from 1971, The Conjuring revolves around the haunting of a family in Harrisville, Rhode Island. The Perrons had only just moved into their new home with their five daughters when they were met with bumps in the night as beds lifted and the smell of rotting flesh crept through the house. Lorraine, now 86 and an advisor on the movies, identified the offending spirit as a woman called Bathsheba who had sacrificed her young daughter to the devil and subsequently committed suicide.

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Whether or not you believe in curses, it's hard to deny that the Superman Curse is a famous one. Many actors who have played the role of Superman have died in strange or unexpected ways, or have suffered horrible accidents in their lives. The Curse of Superman seems to extend beyond the actors themselves, affecting random stagehands, relatives, and even co-stars, such as those who play Lois Lane. It has even supposedly killed one of the youngest actors to ever play Superman. Must watch the video to know in details.

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The most terrifying real voice and sound clip we put in the video of this film called The Possession. Director Ole Bornedal said, "Some really weird things happened. I've never stood underneath a neon light before that wasn't lit, that all of a sudden exploded. The worst thing was, five days after we wrapped the movie, all the props burned. This storage house in Vancouver burned down to the ground, and the fire department does not know the cause. I'm not a superstitious man, and I would like to say, 'Yeah, it's just a coincidence. But reality was different.

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The Omen, one of the most hunted film production in history. The Omen was just an idea floating around the Hollywood stratosphere, Bernhard had received a grave warning. According to the Los Angeles Times, an advertising executive named Bob Munger had approached him with an idea involving the Antichrist. Munger pitched the concept with caution. Bernhard said, "He warned us that he thought the devil didn't want us to make the picture." The trouble ignited before the film even began production. The perceived catalyst was the tragic suicide of lead actor Gregory Peck's son, who had shot himself in the head in June 1975, just two months before the first days on set. When Peck flew to London for the role, his plane was struck by lightning. A few weeks later, executive Marc Neufeld boarded a flight from LA. His plane was also struck by lightning, and he referred to the experience as "the roughest five minutes I've ever had on an airliner."

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