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What is the full form of HD, these Questions were asked in IAS interview

1). Which rail route is the longest in India?

North - Vivek Express

2). Where is the railway staff college located?

North - in Vadodara

3). Which city is known as 'The key of Rajputana'?

Answer: Ajmer

4). Which game is associated with the Duleep Trophy?

Answer: Cricket

5). What is the first creation of Hindi?

Answer: Shravakachar texts (Devasena Vat)

What is the full form of HD, these Questions were asked in IAS interview
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6). Who discovered the X rays?

Answer: Ronjan

7). With whose help the fish breathe?

Answer: Gills

8). Where is the world's highest airport?

Answer: Lhasa Airport

9). Which river flows between the Zaskar and Ladakh ranges?

Answer: Indus

10). What is the origin of Narmada?

Answer: Amarkantak

11). Which ocean is the largest expanse of the Great Sea Plains?

Answer: Pacific Ocean

12). Which country is the world's largest country?

Answer: Russia

13). What is found in sea algae?

Answer: iodine

14). What does the market mean in economics?

Answer: Presence of competition

15). What is the full form of HD?

Answer: High-definition

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