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What is the Resolution of the Human Eye?

The nature is so beautiful and we love to explore the beauty of this nature. We feel sooting when we see something cool and amazing and this is all possible because of our eyes only. Which are so unique and most precious for every animal and human beings’ life. Many because of sheer negligence they tend to lose it or many are not getting even from birth. So take care of then first.

What is the Resolution of the Human Eye?
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So many of us have come across the question about eye but one question is very important as in this technological world everyone now uses a smartphone and we of then think and ask our brain that what might be the power of our eyes. How far can it sense the light and view the beautiful world? What is the resolution with which we can compare this with the camera or lens? So you thrust will ends here for this questions answer. The answer is 576 Megapixels. Now many of you might be thinking this is how much or what. You have a mobile phone of almost around 30 Megapixels so try to visualise the 576 Megapixel how it is?

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The Digital images are made of millions of tiny tiles-like elements this if you want to know you can go near the television and observe very closely you will find this. The more these tiny elements (called pixels), the more will be the resolution. A single megapixel is equivalent to one million pixels in an image. If you know the width and height of an image you can calculate how many pixels your camera gets. Also, the megapixels have nothing to do with the quality of the image. Quality depends on exposure, focus, lighting, camera lens etc.

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However, the human eye doesn’t work as a digital camera. In good light, you can distinguish two lines if they are separated by at least 0.6 arc minutes that means equivalent pixel size is 0.3 arc minutes. Now take 120-degree horizontal field and 60-degree vertical plane as your total plane of view. The resolution of your eye would be:
120 * 120 * 60 * 60 / (0.3 * 0.3) = 576000000 pixels = 576 Megapixels. Yes you got is correct this is how the concepts come into being a picture for all of us.

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and i was expecting the answer to be in form like 1280×1080 or 720p or 4k , 5k provide the right answer the highlights said resolution not megapixels both are different terms entirely

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Nice Article . Keep it up !!!!

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