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What happens after you die?

What happens after you die?
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Death is a sensitive topic. Although it happens to all of us, what happens after it can perhaps never be confirmed. So here are some of the commonly known and bizarre theories on what happens after we die.

You come back as an animal. Animal reincarnation is a concept where once yo die, your soul leaves your body and comes back in a new born animal. Once you become an animal, you wont know the of the past life as a human. It is one of the main beliefs in India and other Eastern regions. The Buddhist religion says that the soul takes the body of an animal because of past misdeeds and animals cannot engage in acts of self improvement. Their souls must continue to be reborn as animals until their bad karma is exhausted. It is only after that, that they are born as humans. So being reborn as an animal is considered to be a serious setback in the Buddhist religion.

Born again. Have you ever experienced Deja vu, the overwhelming sense of familiarity with something that shouldn't be familiar at all? One theory suggests that it happens because you have been there before. Being born again is the theory that your entire life is Deja Vu. Once you die, you start over again in a new human body, never to remember your previous life ever. Everything is just repeating over and over again. But this time, you may have new opportunities and maybe you wont make the same mistakes you made last time. Some say that this is the world's way of recycling us and bringing us back as better and more intelligent humans.

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Heaven and hell. Out of all the theories of the after death, going to heaven or hell is one of the widely and easily believed theories out there. The notion is that the spirit, which is inside all of us, goes to heaven or hell after death depending on the decisions made in our physical life. It is said in The Holy Bible thatthose who have faith in life will go into an eternal life in heaven but those who reject Christ as their savior will be sent to eternal punishment in hell. Many believe that life on earth is a test, a preparation of what is to come.

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Death is an illusion. This one is quite difficult to wrap your brain around. It is the thought that death is just an illusion which is a mere figment of our consciousness. A professor named Robert Lancer, says that the answer lies in quantum physics and bio-centrism. Bio-centrism explains the universe exists only because of an individual's consciousness of it. But if the world is created by the observer, then it would be destroyed when each of us die. Maybe what happens after death is so mind blowing that we cannot comprehend it.

Nothing. This is less magical and spiritual. Once you die, that's it. You don't go to heaven or hell, you wont be reincarnated into an animal or be reborn as a human. There will be complete silence. Everyone you loved, everything you touched is now gone. Once your heart stops beating and the electrical impulses in your brain stops, that's it. Its not even blackness as you need to have consciousness to process blackness. Its just an empty void of nothingness. You wouldn't even realize that you are dead because, like blackness, you need a consciousness for realization. It would be like you fell asleep and never woke up.

So these are some of the theories on what happens to us after we die. There may never be a definite answer to the mysteries surrounding death and the possibilities are endless. I hope you have enjoyed and follow me for more!

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Does anyone remember anything before they were born ? When we die, its just the same thing . A void emptiness.

1 Years ago


life is all about preparation.

9 Months ago


wen "physically" we "die" then it means Death knocking our doar.

12 Months ago

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