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WWE News: Paul Heyman Violently Shoots Down John Cena’s Compliments Of Brock Lesnar

WWE News: Paul Heyman Violently Shoots Down John Cena’s Compliments Of Brock Lesnar

Paul Heyman is sticking up for his client and shooting back at the former champ.

No matter what kinds of grudges and battles take place inside of a ring, many of the superstars will have respect for their opponents. Recently, John Cena came right out and said that Brock Lesnar is the “best in-ring performer of all time,” and it caught many people by surprise. Since that time, Lesnar hasn’t yet commented on the compliments, but Paul Heyman has and he doesn’t care for them at all.

Over the years, Lesnar and Cena have waged wars against one another and put on some incredibly great matches. They’ve both had numerous title reigns and will go into the WWE Hall of Fame one day as true legends in the sport of professional wrestling.

During a recent interview with , Cena discussed a number of topics and that is when he straight-up called Lesnar the “best in-ring performer of all time. When asked for confirmation on that statement, Cena said it again and repeated his opinion on the current WWE Champion.

Cena has always been a good guy in and out of the ring, so his complimentary nature isn’t surprising. Staying completely in character, Paul Heyman decided to address Cena’s recent interview and speak out on on behalf of his client.

This is right in line with the way Heyman portrays his character on WWE television and isn’t overly surprising. It’s actually quite humorous and something that picks up a feud between two superstars that hasn’t had any life in it for a number of years now.

Brock Lesnar is currently scheduled to defend his WWE Championship against Ricochet at Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia later this month. If he holds onto his title through that match, he’ll go on to face Drew McIntyre in one of the top matches of WrestleMania 36 in April.

has had less than 10 matches in WWE over the course of the last year-and-a-half as he’s been off filming movies and doing other work. He has been confirmed to return to Friday Night SmackDown at the end of this month and likely set up a feud for WrestleMania.


It is quite interesting that Paul Heyman took shots at John Cena on social media, but there is a good chance of nothing coming from it. Brock Lesnar is tied up in multiple title feuds and Cena is coming back, but it may not be for very long. Fans will be looking to see if Lesnar and Cena interact in the future, though, and if another program between the two could happen ever again in WWE.

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