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Vivo APEX 2020 futuristic phone shown off

Vivo APEX 2020 futuristic phone shown off

Last year began for Vivo with the introduction of the APEX 2019 phone. It was a concept phone that didn’t show any button or port. It actually followed the Vivo APEX FullView concept Android phone with a pop-out camera. In the series’ third year, here is the Vivo APEX 2020 showing off a futuristic vision beyond imagination. As expected, the new Vivo APEX phone comes with an edgeless display and super unibody design, delivering an excellent visual experience, as well as, innovative photography features.

The Vivo APEX is already the third-gen APEX concept phone. The Chinese OEM has been showing off concept phones the past couple of years and this 2020 is no different.

You can say the Vivo APEX 2020 is a combination of the two previous smartphones. That means the new APEX is more advanced than ever but we’re not sure when we’ll get a hold of one. The new design comes with an in-display selfie camera. The screen doesn’t show any notch or a punch-hole. A pop-up camera is not even there because an under-display camera is enough. You may not notice it right away but it’s there underneath the glass.

The Vivo Apex 2020 is portless and buttonless like the 2019 model. Data transfer and charging will be done wirelessly. Charging is fast at 60W. No information yet on battery capacity.

Vivo has tried to improve imaging by adding a mechanical gimbal on the main camera system. The effect of the gimbal is more effective OIS, as well as, super-smooth video recording. Add to that the 5x – 7.5x optical zoom that delivers lossless zoom.

Vivo’s new smartphone design goes beyond imagination. It is futuristic because you don’t see much of the features on current phones available in the market.

Vivo’s General Manager of Product Harry Hong describes the APEX line: “APEX is never a mere ‘concept’ or a glimpse of ‘imagination’. It’s a creation that goes beyond any previous experience brought by mobile technology. Through APEX 2020, we are proud to see vivo’s vision come to life as a technology company that continues to push the boundaries of mobile technology and explore what lies beyond the ordinary. It also showcases our ambition to achieve our aspirations step-by-step. vivo will continue to put APEX’s innovative technologies into practice, allowing more consumers to be empowered by such technology.”

The phone comes equipped with a 6.4-5inch curved screen and an ultra-bezel-less display. The 120° FullView edgeless display is aesthetically pleasing, especially sans the physical buttons. APEX 2020 also features the latest generation of Generation Screen SoundCasting technology, voice tracking auto-focus, and instant photobomb removal.

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