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Virat Kohli Replies To His Trolls On Social Media

Virat Kohli, captain of Indian cricket team, is being trolled on the advice of to be in the country to which you support, & has broke his silence. Along with this Virat Kohli tweeted and made a statement on this.

Virat Kohli Replies To His Trolls On Social Media
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Kohli tweeted, "I think this trolling is not for me nor do I want to pay special attention to it. My advice was for those who had negative comments for 'Indian batsmen'.

Let me tell you that a video of Virat Kohli is being viral on social media in which he is advising to leave the country.

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Actually, Kohli appears to be reading messages on mobile in a video. In which one wrote, 'He is an overrated batsman. Nothing special in his batting. I like to see English and Australian batsmen play compared to these Indians.

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In response to this question of the fans, Kohli said, "If you do not like Indian batsman, I do not think you should stay in the country. In front of him, Kohli says that stay away from anywhere else in India. Why do you live in our country and love other countries?

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Kohli said, 'Do not you like me. no problem. I do not think you should stay in our country. You decide your priorities. This advice of Kohli has not come to the fore and has started trolling on social media.

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Sahyadri Rao

virat sir is always correct

7 Months ago


virat is correct

5 Months ago


Virat should apologise

5 Months ago

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