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Usher in style with doors and windows

Usher in style with doors and windows

Manish Bansal

If your resolution this year is to give your home a new look, then windows and doors may be one of the first places to start with. These not only allow natural light to enter the house but also allow you to have a perfect view of the outdoors. Some key trends to check out this year include:

Creative window frames

Homeowners are gradually gaining interest in window frame options and colours beyond the typical white colour. They look forward to creative wooden frames, classy bronze or muted neutral colours on window frames.

Upgraded glass

Stronger and better glass options are trendsetters in the market. You can also expect to see a rise in insulated and fiberglass-reinforced window glasses in the upcoming months. Strong glass means a lower likelihood of windows succumbing to damage. It also holds a higher level of energy efficiency and durability than the other traditional glass options. When it comes to increasing the value of a home, owners generally prefer guaranteed investments. Thus, these glass options remain a steady feature in the trending window qualities of 2018. In short, you can expect a higher level of aesthetic features, efficiency and durability in the trends of 2018.

Smart choices

Everything in homes and offices is going wireless. With this in mind, various manufacturers have started producing digital windows that perform neat functions. For instance, some of these are equipped with sensor glasses which use environmental triggers to adjust the window tint allowing less or more heat or light to enter your homes. In fact, many window experts have predicted that future windows will be equipped with connective glass with the ability to connect with smartphones.


In 2018, buyers will be going for shutters that provide superior light control and privacy with exceptional craftsmanship, long-lasting finishes, and classic styling. These are also versatile products that are easy to maintain and are safe for families with young children.

Bolder is better

Doors and windows are getting bigger. Larger door sizes – wider than three feet, higher than seven feet make a bold statement. For colour, your front door doesn’t need to stick to the traditional brown, wood finish, or white. One of the most recent design trends in windows and doors is using found objects and reclaimed wood for entry ways and window casings to give a unique, rich look.
Choose floor-to-ceiling windows to let in maximum light and give your home an open, welcoming feel. Consider replacing an entire wall with glass, or update older windows with stained glass. If you choose a colourful rather than natural colour palette — go bold. Liven up your space with jewel tones, metallic fabrics, and geometric patterns. Adorn simple window treatments with texture like beads, metal accents and eye-catching tiebacks. Be sure to layer your draperies with sheer and opaque fabrics to allow for both light and privacy.
– The writer is Director, Window Magic India

Insulation and heat values

The hottest trend in window and doors is energy efficiency. After all, windows and doors play a huge role in sustainability efforts and saving money on energy bills. And old window or door can let air out of the home, resulting in higher bills for homeowners. This has led to more window and door replacements in older homes. Upgrading them to newer and more efficient models.
Insulated windows are used in an attempt to maintain interior temperatures as cost-effectively as possible… you don’t want to run the air conditioner all day in the summer, and you don't want to blast the heater for long periods in the winter. It’s estimated that you can lose 20 to 30 per cent or more of heat or cooling in your house through poorly insulated windows. Replacing windows can make good economic sense and add to your comfort level while indoors.

International trends

Monumental doors — As the next evolutionary step in connecting a house with its surroundings, grand-scale doors add flexibility and enhances quality of home life. In those parts of the country where weather conditions are more consistent, monumental doors will become a much more common order for new homes and remodels.
VeriLock — Homes are getting smarter with the technology features that help an owner to stay connected with his home even while they’re away. VeriLock is one such example. This patented sensor is embedded into a window lock and notifies an owner whether their windows are closed or opened.

Transitional living

More commonly known as the indoor/outdoor living trend, ‘Transitional Living’ is something where interior and exterior spaces flow together seamlessly. Transitional living, in fact, is redefining home designs. The trend has consistently dominated design demands for the consumers who are looking for open floor plans and outdoor entertainment spaces. The blending of natural environment with the home has spurred the development of sliding glass windows and doors.
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