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Use of the preposition from.

We use from:

1 . To indicate the place of start-

In order to indicate any starting point we can from.

Ex: My father is coming from office.

My friend has started his journey from Bombay.

Where are you coming from?

Use of the preposition from.
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2. To Indicate the time of start-

Ex: The upcoming tour will start from 15th july.

I start my day from dawn.

He is working is this company from 2011.

3. To Indicate who gave it sent- 

When we want to give anyone credit, we can use from.

Ex: It is a nice present from his father.

I had a phone call from Jene.

I received comments from visitors.

4. To show the origin- 

Ex: The Kung Fu is from China 

Mr. Chang is from Japan.

5. To make a distinction between two things-

Ex:. Can't you see the difference of the pen from others.

English is different from other languages.

6. To indicate reasons, cause etc-

 Ex: My brother is suffering from fever.

He is sick from fasting.

7. To denote removal or separation- 

Ex: He was released from the police custody.

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