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Top Equity Mutual Funds Investment in FY 2019-20

Top Equity Mutual Funds Investment in FY 2019-20

Individuals invest in Mutual Funds with the aim to maximize returns to meet future financial obligations and objectives. Mutual Funds is generating interest among investors, tax benefits and short lock in period makes it a popular investment option, especially among millennial. ELSS Mutual Funds has 3 years lock-in period while Equity Mutual Funds held for 12 months or more qualify as Long Term Capital Gains, in terms of Tax Implication.

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Selection of the fund needs to be done wisely by the Investors as Capital Market is volatile in nature and investment is prone to market risks.

Investors need to evaluate the associated risks and expense ratio of the respective funds before investing.

The funds are picked from different Equity Mutual Fund categories based on performance.

This article is for informational purpose only, aiming to provide brief idea about Top Performing Equity Mutual Funds, in personal capacity of the author. Readers are advised to research further to have more clarity on the topic. Blog or the Author does not claim expertise on the subject. It is very important to do your own study and consult your Investment Advisor before making any investment related decision.

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