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Top 3 Most Expensive Currencies of the World

Many of us consider our money with American dollars, but do you know there are some countries whose currency is leaving America far behind. So here we brought three countries whose currency is most expensive.

1. Kuwait:

Top 3 Most Expensive Currencies of the World
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The first name in this list comes from Kuwait. Yes, know that the world's most expensive currency is the dinar of Kuwait. A dinar is equal to $ 3.32. If it is compared to the same Indian currency, then one dinar is Rs. 222. Which now you can imagine how expensive it is.

2. Bahrain:

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Bahrain Dinar is the second most expensive currency in the world. Where Bahrain Dinar is worth the US $ 2.65, if you look at the same Indian rupee, then Bahraini Dinar is worth Rs. 177.55. You can buy many things just within one dinar.

3. Oman:

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The third number is Oman's Riyal. Yes, where one rial is equal to $ 2.60, compared to Indian currency, the rial is equal to 174.02. So, friends, these are the countries whose currency is the most expensive in the world.

What are your views on these? Which country will you love to visit and why? Tell us in the comment section below. Please like, share and follow us for more such wonderful things.

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ince information about currency of other s countrys and its comparison with indian currency thanks for giving this information .

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Saarai musalmaan milk gain abh saaale hinduvon musalmaanonko terrorist bolo machodon

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wow! thanks for the information

3 Months ago

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