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Top 10 World's Most Dangerous Tanks

Cheetah 2A7 (Germany)

This tank has better accuracy than other tanks due to its powerful gun and advanced fire control system.

Top 10 World's Most Dangerous Tanks
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K2 Black Panther (South Korea)

Currently Black Panther is one of the world's most advanced main war tanks, which is near North Korea or China.

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The M1A2 SEP provides vital protection against all the famous anti-tank weapons. This main battle tank uses advanced armor, which is reinforced with reduced uranium layers.

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Challenger 2 (United Kingdom)

This British tank is equipped with a very accurate 120 mm rifle gun. Its gun is considered to be contrary to the Smoothbor Gun used by all other modern MBTs. Its maximum targeted range is more than 5 km. The challenger currently holds the record for the longest tank-to-tank kill.

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Armata (Russia)

Armata is a clean sheet design with many advanced features. It shares very little with the current T-90.

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Marqua Mk.4 (Israel)

Merkova Mk.4 is the latest Israeli main battle tank. This is the successor of the last Mercka Mk. Merkova Mk.4 was adopted in 2004.

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Type 90 (Japan)

Japanese Type 90 tank was developed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in collaboration with German Crus-Mafie and Macke Tank manufacturers.

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Leclerc (France)

The French Chief Battle Tank entered service in 1992. This French tank has advanced armor with an add-on modular armor

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Opplot-M (Ukraine)

This latest Ukrainian tank is not as accurate against long distance goals as its Western rivals. However, this tank can launch anti-tank guided missiles just like ordinary tunes.

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 T-90 (Russia)

 T-90 is currently the only tank produced in Russia. T-90 has a small profile that makes it difficult to hit.

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