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This hotel offers Rs. 70 lakh to the couples for making babies, but there is one condition

Married couples go on honeymoon to make every romantic moment special. In such a case, you will probably have heard about expensive hotels. But there is a hotel that gives lakhs of rupees for any couple to stay their hotel. Yes, this is the truth, but before you become entitled to the prize, you have to fulfill a condition of the hotel administration.

This hotel offers Rs. 70 lakh to the couples for making babies, but there is one condition
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On fulfilling this condition, Rs 70 lakh will be paid to the couple. By the way, if couple gets so much money by visiting the honeymoon, then all people will stay there for a whole year to get money.

In fact, Hotel Yehuda, located in the Israeli capital of Jerusalem, has offered this exciting opportunity. Many married couples have already tested their luck.

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The condition of the hotel is that if the woman gets pregnant on the due date fixed by the hotel, then the reward is given to them from the hotel side. It means if the bride becomes pregnant on the date fixed by the hotel, then the couple will be given a reward of 70 lakh rupees. However the medical confirmation pregnancy will be done by the hotel's panel of doctors.

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In fact, this is a tremendous way of hotel marketing strategy. Let me tell you that this offer does not remain always. It is given only once in four years on the occasion of leap year on 29th February. Because most couples stay in the hotel in the month of February. So friends, if you have not been married, you can think about it.

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