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This Man Has Given Birth To 3 Children, and He's Preparing For The Fourth

Friends, today I brought you a news which will shock you, after reading it you will not believe it but its true. Our world has so much miracles to offer and this one is surely the biggest of them all.

This Man Has Given Birth To 3 Children, and He's Preparing For The Fourth
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I will tell you about a man who has given birth to 3 children and he is preparing himself for the fourth child. It sounds very strange and unnatural but its true.

So far, we have only known that a woman can give birth to a child but in this day and age a man can give birth too.

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This man possesses 'Thomas' as his name and I am talking about the same man. This man remained pregnant for 9 months and carried a baby in 2008 which became a big news on a global scale.

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According the information, Thomas has given birth to several children not only one and after he got pregnant, his wife divorced him in 2012. After which, Thomas married again with a different woman in 2016

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Source: wikipedia.org

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it's not true 😁😁😁😁😁😀 how can a man give birth baby not posible

8 Months ago

Phurpa Tsering

through which organ he gave birth

8 Months ago


she changed her gender to man. by birth thomas is woman

8 Months ago

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