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Things To Learn From Rejections

Things To Learn From Rejections

Whether you believe it or not, every relationship is a lesson. In fact, it is like a mirror that reflects your own image. Yes, relationships are here to teach us something. And yes, we are here to learn something from every relationship.n fact, it applies to all relationships. The relationship you have with your family, friends, work, possessions and even your spouse and children.Every relationship throws light on several aspects of you that have to be changed. Now, let us discuss about what rejections teach us.Why do we feel bad when we are rejected by someone in love? In fact when you know that rejections are lesions, you will seldom feel bad. You tend to learn something and move on.That is how you get wiser and better in life.

1.Were You Too Clingy? Whether you are a man or a woman, being clingy doesn't look good. In fact, people will get scared to be close to you if you act like a hook that needs constant appreciation and acknowledgement. So, in the past, if your ex walked away because you were too clingy, learn that lesson and try to change.

2.Were You Too Arrogant? Confidence could be sexy but arrogance is not hot. You will look like a narcissist if you display too much of arrogance in relationships. Love yourself but that doesn't mean that you can display arrogance.

3.Were You Too Lazy? Who likes lazy people? So, your ex walked away. Learn to take action, at the right time. Whether it is in your career or in anything else, taking the right action at the right time makes you look capable and its attractive to be capable.

4.Were You Too Stingy? Why were you not able to spend even a single penny on your ex? That was why they walked out. Save money but when you can't spend enough on your loved ones, nobody would share their lives with you.

5.Were You Too Selfish? Of course, love is more about selflessness, if you're too selfish, you will never win in love. Sometimes, there is more joy in giving; not taking.

6.Were You Too Silent? When you are expected to speak up, you are supposed to speak. When you are expected to be silent you need to be silent. But if you develop a cold attitude and remain silent even during the times of necessity, your partner will walk away.

7.Were You Abusive? Physical, mental and emotional abuse are totally unhealthy. In fact, it indicates that you are suffering from a disorder. If your ex walked away because you were abusive, first consult a doctor and get your disorder treated before trying your hand with a relationship.

These are the things to learn from rejections.

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