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Things Girls Think After Sex (But NEVER Admit!)

Things Girls Think After Sex (But NEVER Admit!)

Relationship has many pros and cons with several ups and downs. But, the most complicated thing in relationship for boys is to understand their girl’s mood as they have an instant mood swings. After making first physical relation, girls mood changes for him, either she feels pleasure or she just regrets. So, if you are a man then you have had the curiosity to know what she is thinks after being physical with you then here is the answer. Today, we will tell you 4 things which every girl thinks after having first sex.

Being physically attached brings peace to your mind and to your relation as well, but girls feel scared after making first physical relationships. They are so scared that they began to tremble while talking to people.

The foremost fear that girl have after their first sex is the fear of being pregnant. This fact worries them the most. Due of this, they remain silent for some times and get concerned about it for a longer time.

Sometimes girls think that what they will do if any of their family members knows about this. This would be the most horrible thing that will ever happen to any girl.

Girl often make physical relation with the guy they are madly in love with. But, after making physical relation, the only question that haunts any girl is what are they going to do if their guy left her.

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the solution is to all these things are just go marry the love of ur life! dont look for pleasure, look for love, family, life... take it from a guy whos been dumbed by a girl!

5 Months ago


last one 100% true😔😔😔😔

5 Months ago


what if girl left....?

5 Months ago

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