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These rare photos show the hard life of Indians before independence

It is said that Hindustan used to trade in the whole world during the British era. Spices produced in India were exported all over the world. Before independence, there was only the name of inflation in India, where is it? That at that time 40 kg of 1 kg sugar would have been found.

These rare photos show the hard life of Indians before independence
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Before independence, radio could be bought in 10 paisa. Apart from this, 18 flights from Delhi to Lucknow could also be carried out. Modern equipment in India was very less in India. In India, more people got jobs and many small industries were also present in India.

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For this reason, unemployment in India was very low. Let us tell you, there was a shortage of vehicles in India before independence. Because of this, people here used to travel on foot. Apart from this, the tools were also very less in the field of agriculture.

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In the absence of equipment, farming used to be dependent on animals and humans only before independence. At that time the use of chemical substances was very less. Because of which people were sick even less.

Source - Aaj Tak

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i didn't understood,you are referring to the hard life or easy life of Indians

11 Months ago


this was not life u idiot it was orginal life n pure living not like todays life all fake n polluted n artificial .those people use to breath good air atleast not like us

11 Months ago


So many persons are upset over yourEnglish and you are being ridiculed. Why are you doing so ? Jobless perhaps?

10 Months ago

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