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These Famous Political Leaders are Non-Vegetarian, you will not believe in some Names

According to the survey, about 70 percent of people in India are non-vegetarian, who consume meat, but the number of vegetarians in India is also higher than the total population of many countries in the world.

Just like other people, the politicians of our country also come from different states, and in their eating habits are according to there stater and region. Some of them are pure vegetarians, and some of these are non vegetarians,

so today we will tell you about some famous leader of the country, who is vegetarian and who likes non-vegetarian food.

Non-Vegetarian leaders of india

1. Asaduddin Owaisi

These Famous Political Leaders are Non-Vegetarian, you will not believe in some Names
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Owaisi is one of the big leaders of Hyderabad, and he is one of the non vegetarian leaders of India, being Hyderabadi, Asaduddin Owaisi favorate food is Biryani.

2. Venkaiah Naidu

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Modi's Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu had said at a press conference in Mumbai during the Beef Dispute that I am a non vegetarian, in South India, there is not much controversy about vegetarianism and non vegetarianism in South India, and most of the South Indians are eating meat in the food.

3. Rahul Gandhi

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Rahul Gandhi is from a Brahmin family and many Congress leaders call Rahul Gandhi as Pandit Rahul Gandhi, but he eat vegetarian and also eat non-vegetarian foods.

Vegetarian Leaders of India

1. Amitabh Bachhan

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Amitabh Bachan is super star of bollywood and former politician he is a pure vegetarian

2. Arvind Kejriwal

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Delhi Chief Minister and tragedy king Mr. Arvind Kejriwal belongs to Haryana and he use pure vegetarian diet and regularly practices yoga in every morning.

3. Narendra Modi

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India's current Prime Minister Narendra Modi has told people and the media many times that they eat pure vegetarian food, they love Gujarati food and khichdi very much.

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Rahul Gandhi is muslim his grand father is muslim Tht Gandhi Sirname continued frm Indra Gandhi she married a muslim so he is nt Bhramin

12 Months ago


The so called Brahmins who eat dead animals are worse than even Chandals !

12 Months ago

Jitendra Patir

Rahul Gandhi is not Brahmin. He is muslim at all though he doesnot eat beef.

12 Months ago

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