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These Are The Right Meaning Of Real, Ego & Faith

Sometimes we speak many things about big words which has great meanings, but we are not aware of those meanings which has real deep messages hidden inside them. So here i have bought three words, Real, Ego and faith, many people use these words so many times in a relationship but they actually don't know what it really means. See pictures to know about it.

These Are The Right Meaning Of Real, Ego & Faith
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Fear has 2 meanings, one is forget everything & run, another is face everything & rise. The choice is ours.

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Ego is the only requirement to destroy any relationship. Be a bigger person; skip the "E" & let it "go".

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when a person is in love he doesn't have any fear....keeps his/her ego beside....and puts faith on the other one these 3 words r differ.....but brings us together like this sentence

7 Months ago


nice words make mind good..

6 Months ago


wow brilliant the 1st one

6 Months ago

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