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These 5 famous actors are not afraid of doing any action stunts

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You must have seen a lot of action films in the film world. Many dangerous stunts have also been seen. Some stars of the film world are famous worldwide for their action stunts. These stars perform any kind of action stunt. Today, in this article, we will tell you about the five stars of the film world, who are famous all over the world for tremendous action stunts.

1. Sylvester Stallone

These 5 famous actors are not afraid of doing any action stunts
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If you are fond of Hollywood movies, then you must have seen the movies of Rambo and Rocky series. Sylvester Stallone performs tremendous action stunts in these films. Sylvester Stallone is famous all over the world for his action stunts.

2. Jackie Chan

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Jackie Chan of China has no answer in terms of action stunts. He has acted in more than 150 action films in his career. He has crossed 65 but still performs dangerous stunts.

3. Tony Jaa

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Tony Jaa is a famous Hollywood actor. Tony Jaa hails from a small country Thailand. He has done excellent action stunts in many Hollywood films. This is the reason why he is popular all over the world.

4. Tom Cruise

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Tom Cruise is considered the best action hero in the Hollywood industry. Tom Cruise is not afraid to do any kind of action stunt in films. His Mission Impossible series films were liked all over the world for his tremendous action.

5. Jason Statham

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Jason Statham is a famous Hollywood actor. He has gained popularity all over the world for tremendous action stunts. You must have seen Jason Statham doing a tremendous action stunt in the films Fast and Furious series. Apart from this, Jason Statham has done tremendous action stunts in many other films.

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allof them are kids in comparison to Bruce lee

1 Months ago


They are all the real actor not like bollywood actor.Bollywood action is only a jokes

1 Months ago


jackie chan is most greatest among them ....he has several metal rods in hia body....

30 Days ago

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