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These 2 Bad Habits That Makes The Brain Very Weak

These 2 Bad Habits That Makes The Brain Very Weak
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As you know, the mind is a very unique thing. Everyone wants that their brains move very fast in today's time, but due to some bad habit, this brain does not get much faster and gets tired very quickly. So let's know which are that bad habits.

Sleep less

There are many people who sleep very little. Due to which, their brain can not work properly. And tired very quickly. So always take 7 to 8 hours of sleep

High Smartphone Usage

In today's era, most people use mobile. But using mobile, you have a lot of damage to your brain, because harmful radiation emanating from the mobile affects your ability to think and understand. That's why smartphone usage should not be done at night.

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Piggy Chops

absolutely right, bot how we can avoid phone?

11 Months ago

Maharana Pratap

thank's for take care of

11 Months ago

Iron Man

good info to help us improve effectiveness of our brain

11 Months ago

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