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There is good news for drinkers, click and learn

There is good news for drinkers, click and learn
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Today's topic is this very good news for the drinkers. Friends, as you all know, knowing that alcohol is harmful to the body. Even then, most people have started consuming alcohol, so if you also drink alcohol, then there is a great news for the drinkers, then what is the good news. Today we will give you information about this, so let's know.

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Friends, for the drinkers, this great news has come to meet at the liquor grocery store. In fact, Jharkhand Excise Department has proposed to allow the sale of liquor in grocery stores in the state. It is expected to be passed by the Modi government soon.

These grocery stores can be given license to sell liquor

Friends, a source in the Excise Department has informed the media that according to the proposal, any grocery shop filing GST can be given a license to sell liquor at an income of Rs 30 lakh.

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