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The most dangerous prison in the world, here the prisoners kill each other and eat them

The most dangerous prison in the world, here the prisoners kill each other and eat them

Internet Desl| You must have heard of many prisoners present in the world that the prisoners are treated badly; they are tortured by treating them with third degree. But today, the prison that we are going to tell you about is included in the world's most dangerous prisons. In this prison prisoners life is in danger all the time.

The name of this prison is Geetaram Central jail and it is in the African country Rwanda. It is said that security forces do not harm the prisoners in this jail, but the prisoners kill each other and eat their dead bodies.

According to media reports, the capacity of this jail is to keep 600 prisoners, but more than 7,000 prisoners have been kept here.

It is said that the place of prisoners living in this jail is so small that they have to spend day and night standing. This is the reason that the prisoners here soon get caught in some kind of illness and they die.

According to media reports, about 8 prisoners die every day in this jail due to some illness. Many human rights organizations have also been raising questions over the administrative system of this prison from time to time, but in spite of this there is no improvement in the living standards of the inmates.

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dis prison is suitable for rapist ...all rapist deserve such punishment

9 Days ago

Anu Bhambhani

we should also make a prison like this. keep all the terrorist and rapist in that prison. No need to hang. no moral issues

8 Days ago


indian politicians and rapists should be sent here.

8 Days ago

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