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The clever person is the one who always keeps these 3 things secret

The clever person is the one who always keeps these 3 things secret
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Acharya Chanakya is one of the world's largest scholars. The book Chanakya policy written by Acharya Chanakya is famous all over the world today. If a person starts to follow the things stated by Chanakya in life then success in life is sure. Today we will tell you about three such things told by Chanakya. The smart people who are always kept secret. Let's know. The smart person is the one who always keeps these 3 things secret.

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1. Wife's Character

According to the Chanakya policy, the smart person never does good or evil of his wife in front of others. Nor does he share things from his family. People who scold their wives in front of others, people make fun of them. And they see them with vile eyes. The smart person always speaks thoughtfully.

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2. About your insult

According to the Chanakya policy, a smart person never tells anyone about his insult. Because people will make fun of you by telling others about the humiliation you have with them. And your respect will be reduced in the society.

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3. Economic status

According to Acharya Chanakya, a smart person never discusses his economic situation in front of others. If a person is financially prosperous then people see such a person with a spirit of malice. And people who are economically weaker are seen to be inferior. Therefore, it should never tell its economic status to others.

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very nice and useful

3 Months ago


chanakya was born the that country which you guys called it as a bhikari desh... yes, he was born in taxila near rawalpindi and capital of pakistan i.e islamabad... taxila is near rawalpindi/islamabad

3 Months ago


This is really good for growing as well thanks for that.

2 Months ago

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