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The Morning After: Huawei's bad news and 'Game of Thrones'

And Impossible's sausage will go on Little Caesars pizza.

The Morning After: Huawei's bad news and 'Game of Thrones'
Huawei P30 and P30 Pro

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

More bad news for Huawei, but the company seems prepared to face the repercussions of stalled US-China trade discussions. Elsewhere, Sony improved its great noise-cancelling cans in the best way possible: announcing a new, cheaper model.

This could have a devastating effect on Huawei's business.Intel, Qualcomm and other chipmakers cut off supplies to Huawei

Following the news over the weekend that Google was halting the delivery of software and hardware to Huawei for Android things, several other companies have complied with US government rules, constricting supplies to Huawei.

It's finally over.The Engadget staff on that 'Game of Thrones' finale

For this month's video IRL, we couldn't miss talking about the conclusion of one of the biggest TV series ever, HBO's . After years of speculation about how the epic story would end, we finally have (some of) our answers. But is that enough?

Here's how they'll get you to upgrade.Sony plans to pitch PS5 gaming as 'immersive' and 'seamless'

At a corporate strategy meeting in Japan, Sony used a demo video to tease the performance of its SSD-equipped next PlayStation console. It also explained plans to tout the console's horsepower (enough to deliver immersive graphics) as well as streaming gameplay that works seamlessly across different devices. What it didn't reveal is the other information we want to hear, like a price, release date or any word on games.

Android-powered AR.Google's next-gen Glass eyewear lasts longer and runs on Android

The Glass Enterprise Edition 2 eyewear largely sticks to a familiar formula on the outside, but it should be far more powerful thanks to its updated Android OS and Qualcomm XR1 processor. Those two factors should make for easier app development, better performance and increased battery life. Just don't ask about a personal pair -- for now this hardware is all business oriented.

They're a more affordable version of Sony's hugely popular 1000XM3 headphones.Sony's noise-cancelling XB900N offer more bass for less money

We loved Sony's WH-1000XM3 noise-cancelling headphones. Not only are they comfortable but they sound amazing. The biggest downside was the $350 price tag. Sony's new WH-XB900N Extra Bass headphones fix that by offering noise canceling for $100 less than the flagship model.

Trade wars are coming.'Game of Thrones' finale blocked in China

Tencent Video, the streaming platform that controls the rights of HBO's series in China, didn't broadcast the show's conclusion Monday morning when it was supposed to air. Instead, the service displayed a message that the show wasn't available due to "transmission medium problems." But HBO believes it is fallout from recent trade disputes between the US and China.

This includes 5G expansion, rural broadband and ditching Boost Mobile.T-Mobile and Sprint make promises to clinch FCC's merger approval

T-Mobile and Sprint want that merger, making a fresh round of promises to make it happen. They've vowed to deploy 5G service that covers 97 percent of the US population within three years of an approved merger, and 99 percent in six years. About 90 percent of Americans would have mobile internet at speeds of "at least" 100Mbps, while 99 percent would have speeds of 50Mbps or more.

The best baby monitor isn't necessarily the one with the most features.The baby tech you need (and the tech you don't)

When you start life as a parent, you hope that buying every gadget on sale will make your life easier. But that's not always the case in the realm of baby tech, which often offers solutions to problems that don't exist. Because you don't have the time or money to try everything out on your own kids, let us help.

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