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The 3 Most Beautiful Women of History - who became the reason for wars

How are you guys, history is a witness that many big wars have happened because of the beautiful women, whether it is Mahabharat's war or Ramayana's war in which Ravan was killed? In this post, we will tell you about the three most beautiful women of history. Those who have caused bigger wars and this information will surprise you, so read it till the end.

The 3 Most Beautiful Women of History - who became the reason for wars

1) Rani Padmini - Rani Padmini is considered to be one of the most beautiful queens in history, due to which the entire Chittaur was finished. Indeed, when Khaliji dynasty was ruled by India, he was fascinated by the beauty of Rani Padmini and wanted to get Khilji Rani Padmini. For this, Khilji had also camped on the border of Chittor for 8 months, but his intention was not succeeded by Rani Padmini and the entire Chittaur women handed herself over to the fire and kept looking at herbs.


2) Jodha Bai - Jodha was the daughter of a Hindu king and was so beautiful in appearance that the discussions of her beauty were all over India. At that time there was the rule of Akbar on India. Historians say that Akbar saw Jodha Bai in a fair and was fascinated by seeing her beauty, after which Akbar attacked Aamer to get Jodhaa Bai. Jodha's father had to get married to Jodha Bai in order to save his kingdom, although later Akbar promoted Hindu Muslim Brotherhood very much and Akbar was considered one of India's good governors.


3) Shejadi Firoza - Shejadi Firoza was also considered to be a very beautiful princess of his time. You will be surprised to know that the princess was the daughter of Feroz Khilji, who had started to love Johor's Kanhar dev and when Khaliji came to know, Khilji attacked Jalore By Kanhar dev was killed in the war and the love of princess Firoza remained incomplete.

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