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Tasmania pokes fun at our ‘Old Mate’

You know the controversial Old Mate tourism campaign is bad … when the Tasmanians are making fun of us. SEE THE VIDEO.

Tasmania pokes fun at SA's Old Mate ad

Tasmania pokes fun at our ‘Old Mate’

Uh oh. Even Tasmania are poking fun at South Australia's Old Mate ads. Video: Discover Tasmania

Tasmania’s tourism board has had a crack their mainland cousins, creating an ad that takes the proverbial out of South Australia’s “Old Mate” commercial.

In the 16-second piece, rolled out across Discover Tasmania’s social media sites, an Old Mate lookalike dressed in waders slurps down natural oysters on the Island State’s east coast.

Behind him is a pile of thousands of empty oyster shells and a voiceover says, “Ah, don’t feel sorry for Old Mate, he’s been coming to Tassie for years.”

The cheeky ad is a response to SA Tourism’s controversial — and widely condemned — “old mate” campaign that showed an elderly man in tears after realising he should have visited South Australia sooner.

And while the Tassie effort focuses hard on oysters, it neglects to mention that Coffin Bay’s oysters are generally considered to be the best in Australia and that their own oyster industry has been badly hit by the Pacific oyster mortality virus.

Still, fair play Tassie.

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