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Spoiler: Another Top Superstar From WWE Raw To Get Suspended

Spoiler: Another Top Superstar From WWE Raw To Get Suspended

It looks like United States Champion Andrade is not the only RAW Superstar who would be serving a suspension issued by WWE. Samoa Joe is the reported next one to suffer the same consequences for a WWE Wellness Policy violation. The original thinking was that he’s dealing with an injury to get sidelined from TV. However, that may not be the original case as the insider reports suggest something different.

WrestleVotes gave updates on the situation on Twitter hinting that Samoa Joe failed a WWE drug test. As per the consequence, he will have to sit out of WWE programming for 30 days,

“Word going on last week was that Joe suffered an injury during the RAW Tag Team Championship match, but it could be possible that it was just a way of writing him off TV for 30 days for his 1st violation of the WWE Wellness Policy.”

These words came out after this week’s WWE RAW from Salt Lake City as Samoa Joe did not appear on the show. It was noted by the commentary team’s Tom Philips that the former United States Champion has suffered a concussion and as a result, won’t be appearing on the show for an indefinite timespan. But it might be just a ‘work’ to hide the truth.

Following the post-Royal Rumble edition of WWE Raw, concussion concerns broke out with Samoa Joe after he landed hard on his head botching a suicide dive. It happened during last week’s match on Raw that witnessed him teaming with Kevin Owens against RAW Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy over the titles. Joe was quietly removed from that match by the officials and Owens was forced to finish it by himself.

Since it was pretty clear on TV that Samoa Joe landed hard on his head, the speculation of a concussion came by, right away. We have to wait for further confirmation from WWE to get confirmed whether the suspension news is true or not.

It’s interesting to note that multiple WWE talents have started to get suspended for Wellness Policy violations in recent times. Before Andrade was suspended in January 2020, Primo Colon and Robert Roode were the two names from SmackDown who were found guilty, as well.

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