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Some Images having Deep Meaning...

Cartoons can be a great source of satire of today's world. They humorously portray different aspect of society, people etc.

The following images are showing some truth of modern human life. Let's look at the images and try to understand what they are telling us.

  • This image shows the difference between the rich and poor people and their choice of appearance. Wearing a certain type of cloth is a choice for the rich and necessity for the poor.
Some Images having Deep Meaning...
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  • Don't take any decision when you are angry. You might need to regret once the anger is over.
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  • There are many hurdles between your dreams and your goals. You have to fight you way out there. Once you decide to choose never back down.
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  • Modern people have make book obsolete. People are running after free WiFi and leaving book behind.
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  • The modern prison, where all make themselves prisoner voluntarily.
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  • Some people just won't do anything without showing off.
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Islam is the only solution of all problems

10 Months ago


chinky Tu pagal tera khandan pagal

10 Months ago


hey guys! I would like to tell you something that we all know about the fire of amazon which have made the situation worst for us and still we are not realising it. let's do something, plant many trees around you ,try to make your surrounding as in the country and the world clean. please don't throw garbage on roads. recycle,reuse. Please. It's for us!☺

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