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Selena Gomez getting married with 68 year old Bill murray

Selena Gomez getting married with 68 year old Bill murray
Source: Google images

Selena Gomez former girlfriend of Justin Bieber is teasing about having a new man in her life. The acclaimed American singer-actress recently shared pictures of the cast of her new movie, The Dead Don't Die and even joked that she and Bill Murray are getting married.

The Dead Don't Die is an zombie comedy movie in which Selena Gomez and bill Murray will be seen together. Selena Gomez took to Instagram to share several adorable pictures.

In the Instagram post, Gomez shared solo pictures as well as with the cast of the zombie comedy movie. In her post, she included a picture of herself with Bill Murray and joked about getting married.

"My first time in Cannes! I'm so honored to have been a part of this movie with Jim and the whole cast," Selena wrote. "By the way Bill Murray and I are getting married."

Fans should note that Selena Gomez is not getting married to Bill Murray -- it is that her pictures that are so adorable and candid, that she teased her millions of fans with the caption.

Source: Google images

Pictures of the two sharing some warm moments on the red carpet were circulating on social media. Murray and Gomez had been to the ball at the festival and were seen whispering something in each other's ears. 

Talking to 68 year old bill murray, Murray said, "I really like her. She's unusually bright. She's kind and she's natural. I'm always pleased to find some kind of pop icon who I really like."

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Hollywood celebrities and their trantrums !

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