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See The Net Worth of These Famous Adult Stars

The adult industry is already the most in-demand industry. When it comes to entertainment, the adult industry is on top of the world. But there are a few stars who are paid highly and their net worth is ridiculously high.

As interesting as it may sound, there are also stars who have a production house for themselves and still take gigs when paid to their high extent.

While some may say the figure is ridiculously high, the industry knows that they are not what they offer. As soon as the production is complete and the play is out fo the market, they know it will bring back tons of profit like a boomerang.

What's interesting is the fact that some of the stars are really rich and they didn't wait for the industry to make them rich. Their innovation, business sense and the idea to cover up in the silver screen also helped them to be the success persona they are today.

So, without any further delay, let us start with the list.

1. Jenna Jameson:

See The Net Worth of These Famous Adult Stars
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No doubt she is on the list. She is a symbol of the industry itself. She is also a successful businesswoman and a self-branding expert. Her net worth is 30 million dollars (210 crores approx.)

2. Tera Patrick:

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She is in the second spot with a net worth of 15 million dollars (105 crores approx). She is one of the most famous names in the industry and she is also an entrepreneur with toys and other merchandises in her name.

3. Jesse Jane:

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Considered as one of the most beautiful female stars of all time, she is on the third of our list with a net worth of 8 million dollars (56 crores approx).

4. Bree Olson:

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The industry's poster girl is 4th on the list and considered as one of the most successful of her time. She is famous due to the fact that she is the brand ambassador of many companies making adult toys and other relevant things.

5. Jenna Haze:

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Probably considered s one of the most talented and open-minded of all, she has many awards in her names. She is also well-known for her solo acts and covering almost every field the industry has to offer. With a net worth of 3.7 million dollars (26 crores), is is the 5th and the final candidate on our list.

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Teri maka pic dalo why you spoiling people

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Nikki Benz is my favorite.

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