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SHAMEFUL! Akshay Kumar Reveals How Men Make Fun Of Menstruating Women In Villages; It's RIDICULOUS

Akshay Kumar's next film PadMan is based on the real-life story of Arunachalam Muruganantham, who came up with an idea of creating cost-effective sanitary pads for women.

In a recent interview to Deccan Chronicle, Akshay Kumar revealed some shocking truths about the condition of menstruating women in villages and how men make fun of them.

SHAMEFUL! Akshay Kumar Reveals How Men Make Fun Of Menstruating Women In Villages; It's RIDICULOUS

It's Pathetic

Akshay Kumar reveals, "It's ridiculous that women are treated as untouchables. Men sarcastically inform others ‘Hey, these women are having a Test Match (since the game lasts for five days too). So they shouldn't be allowed near gods' idols."

They Are Not Allowed To Sleep Inside

Adding to it, he says, "And they're treated as if they're outsiders. They're made to sleep in the verandas.''

It's High Time...

''It's a natural phenomenon and it's high time menstruating women are allowed to move around freely. They shouldn't be subjected to this untouchability in any situation."

Why We Indians Think Like This?

"When you celebrate the fact that a girl has hit puberty, the girl who is already going through a physical and hormonal change will feel something good has happened to her. She will be confident and secure. I don't understand why we Indians think we need to hide anything related to periods."

When Asked About Wearing Pink Panties In PadMan

"Wearing the panties with a sanitary pad was not at all challenging and shameful for me. I did it with complete ease. You guys may feel it's a challenge, but it's the most natural thing.''

Stop Seeing It As A Challenge

''The day you stop seeing it as a challenge, more women will be comforted. I didn't think my role in the movie spoke about a sensitive issue. I'm glad I'm seeing more and more people discussing pads on social media. That's a victory in its own way.''

Role Of Religion In Making It A Taboo

"Like many other social issues, religion is one reason to make it taboo. Because religion is misinterpreted. What's written and what people say are two different things. People change it to their convenience. Religion is misinterpreted when it comes to women's issues."

On a related note, PadMan also stars Sonam Kapoor and Radhika Apte. The movie is all set to hit the screens on 25th Jan.

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Aksay Kumar is a Real Hero.In Reel Life as well as in Real Life

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Jaggu u dont know the meaning of over rated.. Ek tha tiger bakwas movie earn 350+ cr. Happy new year earned 400+cr.. Tubelight earned 300+ cr. Bodyguard so so movie earned 300+ cr..they are overrated .. Nog akshay

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Prakash Chandra Mishra

You your self seems to be a Chootiya.

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