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Ricochet Comments On Facing Brock Lesnar At WWE Super ShowDown 2020

Ricochet Comments On Facing Brock Lesnar At WWE Super ShowDown 2020

Brock Lesnar for Super ShowDown 2020 on this past episode of Monday Night Raw. A triple threat match took place featuring Bobby Lashley, Ricochet and the tag team champion, Seth Rollins. The end of the match witnessed ‘The One and Only’ nailing a 630-splash on The Almighty One to get the pinfall win.

As per the stipulation of the match, he will now challenge for the most prestigious title present in sports entertainment.

Just after winning the match, Ricochet got a taste of how it feels to be in the ring with Brock Lesnar as he digested an F5 from the champion. The fans believe he has the least chance to come out as the winner against The Beast Incarnate. Some also believe that it’s unfair from WWE’s part to give a title opportunity to the former United States Champion.

Ricochet listened to the opinions and decided to respond during a conversation with WWE’s The Bump YouTube channel. He said about facing bigger men in his entire life.

So he just can’t put fear getting into his way while going toe-to-toe with the fiercest man that WWE has to offer. He is ready to compete in the biggest match of his career, with that being said,

“My entire career has been fighting bigger people. That’s just what I was dealt. I know that Brock is a different beast altogether. You can’t be scared. You can’t let being scared stop you from overcoming an obstacle. You can’t let being scared stop you from doing something or pursuing something.”

Speaking of Brock Lesnar, he defeated the former WWE Champion Kofi Kingston in just eight seconds during the FOX debut of SmackDown on October 4th. Some think that with Ricochet standing against him, Lesnar might repeat the outcome again delivering a short match. But Ricochet is looking forward to making everyone wrong,

“Whether I’m scared or not I have to go out there and do this because like I said on Monday I was 14-years-old when I started this journey and I just wanted to prove that I could be one of the best out there and this is my chance to do that.”

“I’m ready for it. I know everyone’s picked him to win. Everyone is saying that it’s gonna end in less than 8 seconds and all that stuff. Everyone’s always doubted me my whole career, so this is no different.”

WWE Super ShowDown goes down on February 27th in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia which is the second last stop before WrestleMania 36.

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