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Richest Cricketers in the World along with their Net Worth

1) Sachin Tendulkar (India):

Richest Cricketers in the World along with their Net Worth

He was a great batsman and performed extraordinary during his entire career. He is on the top among the richest cricketers. His net worth is estimated to be about 118 Million US Dollars. He earned a lot of money through cricket contracts and match fees and also through sponsorships.

2) MS Dhoni (India):


He successfully captained the team India for several years. He got a lot of fame due his batting and captaincy skills. He earned a lot through contracts, sponsorships and ads. He is 2nd on the list with a whopping Net Worth of 103 Million US Dollars.

3) Ricky Ponting (Australia):


He was captain of team and Australia. During his career team Australia won 3 cricket world cups. He is also very rich cricketer and is 3rd on the list with Net Worth of 65 Million US Dollars.

4) Virat Kohli (India)


He also earns a lot through cricket contracts, ads and sponsorships. He is 4th on the list with a total NET worth of 60 Million US Dollars.

5) Sharne Warne (Australia):


Sharne Warne is another Australian Cricketer. He was best spinner of his era. He is 5th on the list with total Net Worth of 50 Million US Dollars.

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