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Review by Tile Mate and Tile Slim

Review by Tile Mate and Tile Slim
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The Bluetooth-based object tracker rumor may not have been launched (yet), but probably the biggest name in space has recently entered the Indian market. Tile products are now officially available in India, although the company did not enter the country directly. Instead, it has appointed an official distributor that imports and sells these products in the region through its website, Amazon India and other retail channels.

Although the Mate Mate has been available in India since its launch a few months ago, the company has recently expanded its portfolio to also bring Tile Sticker, Tile Slim and Tile Pro trackers to the country. We had the chance to spend some time with the tile mate shaped like a keychain and the tile Slim similar to a credit card, and here's how our experience was.

At the base, the technology behind Tile trackers is pretty simple. Each unit consists of a Bluetooth module, a small speaker and a battery, along with other components needed to keep everything functional. All this is adapted to the different shaped and sized bodies of each model, ranging from the ultra-small Tile Sticker to the premium Tile Pro, with everything else in the range of the company that fits in the middle.

The idea is to connect these trackers to keys, wallets and other products that we inevitably spend time searching regularly. Next time you can't find any, you can use the Tile side-by-side app on your phone to beep for your side-by-side tracker, then follow the audio to find the product. It works as long as the thing you're looking for (and therefore its connected tracker) is within the Bluetooth range (which is often the case).

It's a simple concept and credit must be given to Tile to keep this promise with the ease of use and clarity it deserves. To get started, you'll need to download the Tile app for iPhone or Android. When the app starts, you'll be asked to select the type of Tile device you're trying to add, then sign up for a Tile account (or sign in, if you already have one).

Pairing your Tile tracker with your app is as simple as pressing the button on the drive and following the instructions on the app. You can assign a custom name and category (e.g. Keys, wallet, dog, suitcases, backpack, remote control, etc.) Each tracker will determine the icon that appears next to the tracker in the Tile app. You can also associate a custom image with each tracker, such as a real-world photograph of the object to which the tile is attached.

That's it, until you need to find the object to which a Tile tracker is connected. At that point, you can launch the Tile app and simply tap the "Find" button to locate the tile you want. If the aforementioned tile is within range of Bluetooth, it will immediately start playing a sound and you can use it to orient yourself. The volume and type of tone played by the tracker can be customized within the app.

Even at the highest volume levels, the sounds emitted by Tile Mate and Tile Slim are not very loud, which means you are unlikely to listen to them if, for example, you have the keys in a bag that is in another room, or if you lose something under a sofa cushion. (Rs. 3,999 Tile Pro is said to have the loudest speaker of all models as well as the longest range.)

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