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Researcher claims, on this day Earth will crumble, human will burn like corn

Researcher claims, on this day Earth will crumble, human will burn like corn
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Around 26 million years ago, for the first time the planet came on Earth, it has happened six times since then. Researchers have claimed that such a possibility is once again forming. The research report has claimed that due to the way the temperature of the earth is increasing rapidly, a great disaster may come soon for the seventh time.

Research has claimed that many species of animals have become extinct due to the rapidly increasing Earth's temperature. In the event of such a situation, there have been incidents of disaster before, then people were burnt like corn. In this way, once again the end of the Earth is predicted and along with humans, animals will also burn up.

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A report has been published in Historical Biology. It has been said that after 27.2 crore to 26 crore years, the disaster comes. This period is nearing completion soon. During this time the earth and the ocean will be affected the most. Then all the trees and plants of the earth will catch fire and the water of the ocean will boil.

Let me tell you that earlier in the years 2000 and 2008, there were talks of a great disaster on the earth, but then these things proved to be false. Before the year 2000, many such reports were published in the media, in which big claims were made about the end of the earth. But it did not happen then.

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Now once again the world is feared to be over. This time the claim has not been made by any religious leader or magician but by researchers based on their study. This greatly increases the possibility of destruction. Professor Michel Rempino of New York University in the US has made this claim in his research report.

Earlier, after a three-year intensive research and a week-long debate with representatives of various governments in Incheon city of South Korea, top scientists had expressed similar fears. Scientists said that the way the earth is warming. Global warming is constantly increasing global temperatures. If the earth's fever is not stopped, a great danger will arise on life.

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definately .JESUS (peace be upon him) will come but he not LORD. he is a prophet .

9 Months ago


Qayamat is not coming before Jesus & Imam Mahdi

9 Months ago


firstly it is written clearly in the Bible and it will happen our Lord's coming is near Amen

9 Months ago

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